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Welcome Back To The Dell


After a 18 month layoff Platinum Productions returned to the concert scene in epic fashion. The fans were definitely anxious to get back out after being quarantined for the 2020 concert season, and they showed up ready to party and enjoy a night of awesome music.


After the crowd filled the Dell Music Center to capacity Skeet Carter started out the night. With his unique style of comedy, he had the Dell crowd laughing hysterically and enjoying the beginning of a epic evening of entertainment.


Next up the first vocal performance of the night the incomparable Regina Belle. The crowd welcomed Regina with an ovation to begin her set and also an affirmation that the music was finally back. Regina definitely didn't disappoint as she took the crowd down memory lane with her greatest hit " Make It Like It Was, Baby Come To Me, If I Could, and So Many Tears." Her vocals sound the same in 2012, as they did in in 1988. Regina's energy had the crowd on its feet and dancing in the aisles.


After such a powerful performance , one would wonder how could Platinum follow it up and keep the crowd entangled in the music. Well, the 70's Soulful crooner Peabo Bryson took the baton and ran with it for the second set of amazing music. Peabo took the crowd down memory lane with hits like " I'm So Into You, Show and Tell, I Wish I Could,& If Ever In My Arms Again." But as expected when the beat dropped for Peabo's classic " Feel The Fire" the crowd went crazy and for one moment the entire crowd was on its feet singing along.." Something that you told me stayed in my head"....Just when you thought Peabo was finished, he had a special treat lined up for the crowd. Appearing out of the shadow was Regina Belle and the two iconic singers performed their classic hit " A Whole New World" . The crowd showered Peabo with a standing ovation as he closed his set by thanking the crowd for their support through out the years.


With the night flowing and electricity running through the crowd, Platinum took a moment to shoutout our sponsors, Always Best Care, Kelsey's, The Philadelphia Tribune, The Voter's of Registration, Dolly's Boutique, Philadelphia Hair Company, McCoy Law Firm, Radio One, Rick's Funeral Home, IHeart, WURD & Dept. of Behavioral Health for their continued support. During the break Platinum's # 1 DJ Gary-O rocked the crowd and once again had them dancing in the aisles.


Now with all the official business out of the way, it was time for the final leg of this epic night of entertainment bought to you by platinum Productions. Next up .......Mr Woo Wooo Wooo himself ...Jeffrey Osborn. From the moment he walked on to the stage, until the lights went down Jeffrey delivered the soulful sounds that the crowd came to hear. " We're Going All The Way, You Should Be Mine, Concentrate On You, Rest of Our Lives, Baby", timeless classics that had the crowd singing along word for word. Mother Nature tried to intervene the set , but Jeffrey Osborn was having none of it. With the rain pouring down on the venue it was time to WOO WOO WOO and Jeffrey even got the crowd involved bring the mic to several fans and letting them belt out the iconic WOO WOO WOO hook. Believe or not his performance was so electric that he could have ended it right there, but instead he sent eh crowd home with a " Love Ballad " resonating in their head.


Platinum Productions definitely came back on the scene in a major way. We do it for you the fans and supporters. We hope you enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing you on Aug 15th for Lady B's Annual Basement Party.

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